Financial Projections Template

Download this financial projections template to calculate your small business expenses, sales forecast, cash flow, income statement, break-even analysis & more. Read more


12-Month Profit and Loss Projection

Download this template to track your revenue and expenses so you can forecast your profits and losses for the next 12 months. You will examine revenue, cost of sales, gross and... Read more

Recorded Webinar

Understanding Cash Flow - A Critical Component to the Life of Your Business

This webinar will help you to get real with money, understand your costs, and manage your cash to create and maintain stability and profitability. Read more

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Live Event

How to Improve your Firm’s Profitability

August 10, 2021, 11:00am EDT
Doylestown, PA, 18901

Maintaining profitability is essential to the health of any business. In this webinar, we will discuss strategies to improve profitability, with a focus on the optimization of... Read more

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Conversation with a CPA: Navigating Pandemic 2.0 - slides

Challenging times call for trusted business guidance and the facts. Join Joseph Reyes, CPA, to hear the accountant’s perspective about ‘Pandemic 2.0’ and how small business... Read more


Ask SCORE: What Do I Need to Know for My Business Tax Filing?

March 17, 2021,

Ask SCORE: What Do I Need to Know for My Business Tax Filing?

By Richard Kroger

Tax season is upon us. If you are filing a tax return for your business, there are some things you may want to consider.


Cash Flow Management Basics - slides

Cash Flow Management Basics Understanding cash flow is crucial for your business. You must monitor cash flow constantly to make sure your checking account always has a positive... Read more


Ask SCORE: How Can I Manage My Cash Flow?

December 10, 2020,

Cash Flow is a measure of the money flowing in and out of your business. It is one of the financial statements required to describe your business along with the balance sheet and income statement. Cash flow problems are one of the top causes of business failure since without cash, you will not be able to pay your suppliers and, employees.


Ask SCORE: What Does it Take to Succeed in Small Business?

October 9, 2020,

I guess you could say the entrepreneurial spirit is part of my DNA. I practically grew up in Wolfson Grocery Store, a New Jersey supermarket my grandfather started nearly 100 years ago. As a kid, my dad was owner of the family business and I saw firsthand the importance of investing sweat equity.


Business Finances Made Simple slides

Is your business making money? Do you have enough cash on hand to run the business? Have you created a profit and loss statement? If these questions lead to more questions –... Read more


Practical Steps to Improve Profitability

Presented by SCORE Bucks County Mentor Alberto Casadei, as part of a 2019 seminar, this eguide discusses strategies to improve profitability, with focus on optimization of... Read more