Everyone has THAT employee -- the one that keeps them up at night; the one that causes them to roll their eyes or curse under their breath. I am an employment attorney with 15+ years of experience working with corporate, entrepreneurial and start-up enterprises on litigation and compliance matters, and yes, how to deal with THAT employee. Working with me, my clients develop strategies that best suit their needs to resolve complex issues.

I advise individuals and companies on matters involving breach of contract, trade secret and unfair competition, discrimination and harassment, enforcement of restrictive covenants, business divorces, debt collection and foreclosure, and a wide variety of other general commercial litigation matters. I counsel businesses on how to comply with the barrage of new employment laws, regulations, opinions and guidance from federal and state agencies.

Helping my clients understand their obligations under these laws, I am a regular presenter on employment law topics and legal ethics including employee misclassification, discrimination, and retaliation. I also train organizations of all sizes on sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination and on proper complaint procedures and complaint handling to be in compliance with their respective state laws.

In addition to my client relationships, I am actively engaged in promoting the enhancement of professional women and entrepreneurs, serving on boards and as a dedicated member for committees advocating for equal opportunity in the workforce and the community at large. 

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 Christina M. Reger Esq.