Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur? August 17, 2021, 11:30am EDT August 17, 2021, 1:00pm EDT

Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

Starting or buying a business will give you the title of an Entrepreneur. How do you know if you’re ready for the daily responsibility to make a profit, to cover your expenses, have an acceptable salary, and produce or sell products and services?

In this webinar, we will cover the following steps:

  • Become the expert in your field.
  • Put in the sweat equity it takes for success.
  • Do the homework it takes to capture the right clients, learn from all resources available, and network.
  • Provide strong customer service to keep customers for life.

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About the Presenter(s)

 Steve  Wolfson

Steve created a new wholesale distribution division for an existing billion-dollar manufacturer by starting thirteen warehouse locations in the construction industry. Steve grew operations from $0 to $50 million in five years. Steve was responsible for all sales, marketing personnel, purchasing, training, warehousing, and new procedures as the General Manager.  He then moved onto a...

SCORE Certified Mentor, SCORE Bucks County
Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?