Successful Strategies for Women (Part 2): Strengths-based Leadership June 28, 2022, 11:30am EDT June 28, 2022, 1:00pm EDT
Doylestown, PA, 18901

Successful Strategies for Women (Part 2): Strengths-based Leadership 

This webinar is the second in a two-part series focused on women in leadership. The goal of the session is to focus on how women can increase confidence and overall happiness by fully embracing their strengths, and leveraging them for the success of their business. It is no secret that most female leaders focus on what they aren’t doing well, instead of what they ARE doing well. It’s time to stop focusing on the “weakness” and start focusing on the “strengths!”

When female leaders have an understanding of their strengths, and how to leverage them, they become strong leaders. In this session we will discuss the power and confidence that comes from understanding and fully embracing your strengths, and how to leverage them in leadership. Whether you own a one-person company, or a hundred-person company, your strengths – when embraced- can make all the difference. Almost as important as strengths, is understanding your weaknesses – or leadership gaps. Acknowledging these areas will be critical to understanding your leadership pitfalls, and / or surrounding yourself with people whose strengths are your weakness. 

Topics Discussed:

  1. How to define a “strength”
  2. The link between “strengths”, confidence, and happiness
  3. Leveraging strengths to become a more impactful leader
  4. Integrating your strengths into your business

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About the presenter:

Nicole McCabe is the Alliance Director of Microsoft Partnership at Snowflake and is responsible for the overall strategic relationship between Snowflake and Microsoft. Prior to this role, Nicole worked as the VP Managing Director of the Microsoft Partnership at SAP. With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, Nicole has created the unique ability to not only establish a strategic plan, but translate the plan into one that is executable. During her tenure at SAP, she has held a variety of roles including account management, marketing, partner management and strategic initiatives. Nicole has a deep passion for supporting women in leadership, elevated by her prior role, as SAP’s Global Head of Gender Equality. During this time, many of her programs developed to support women in leadership have been recognized inside and outside of SAP. Nicole graduated from Babson College with a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies and Marketing and is also an Erickson-trained professional coach. She resides outside Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters.

Successful Strategies for Women (Part 2): Strengths-based Leadership