Is your business making money? Do you have enough cash on hand to run the business? Have you created a profit and loss statement?

If these questions lead to more questions – and confusion – join SCORE Bucks County for our “Business Finances Made Simple” live webinar.

This live webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of key financial reporting for small business owners embarking on a new venture or entrepreneurs who are still developing a complete understanding of their business finances.

Led by SCORE certified mentor Alberto Casadei, our live webinar will shed light on these important topics:

  • Is your business making money?
  • Is there adequate cash to run the business?
  • Is the business creating wealth?

Attendees will also learn how to prepare a profit and loss statement and simple approaches to improve profitability.

About the Author(s)

 Alberto  Casadei

Alberto Casadei is retired from the Energy Industry and has extensive experience in operations management, engineering, product development, and business development.  He is a certified Mentor with SCORE Bucks County since 2013 and serves as the Chapter’s Operations Committee Chair.

SCORE Certified Mentor, SCORE Bucks County
Business Finances Made Simple slides