Dear ReZilient Women, It is ok not to be ok

In this workshop we will discuss how it is ok to not be ok. We will explore realistic expectations such as:

  1. What makes this pandemic more stressful than other times in history for women?
  2. What is the difference in Mental Wellness and Mental illness? 
  3. Why is ReZilient spelled with a Z for your organization?


About the Author(s)

 Denise L Williams

Be ReZilient is more than a non-profit to me. It is the opportunity for me to take everything that life has thrown at me and selflessly help others. By sharing experiences, techniques I have researched and utilized, I create custom workshops that will open the doors to transparency and communication.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Be ReZilient, Healing Through The Arts, Inc.
 Erin Jewell Gerst

As an Executive Coach, I bring proven success in executing strategic initiatives by enhancing productivity. Throughout my career, I held numerous leadership roles within large matrix organizations. As a dynamic, multifaceted professional, my leadership consistently led to communication and perspective transformation.

Executive Mindset and Growth Coach, Erin Jewell Consulting
Dear ReZilient Women, It is ok not to be ok - video