Exit Planning is Not What You Think

If you are like most business owners, 80% of your wealth (net worth) is locked in your business. Most business owners never see that wealth. Although 99% of business owners at least somewhat agree that having a transition strategy is important to their future as well as the future of their business, most are missing key elements to unlock this wealth with a successful exit strategy.

In this webinar, Chris Snider, the CEO of the Exit Planning Institute, and award winning author of Walking to Destiny, will review the four common success areas to business growth and exit success, share some of EPI’s State of Owner Readiness™ research, provide insights on the state of the market, and conclude with a few recommendations for business owners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide business owners a clearer understanding of what exit planning is and is not

  • Present the four core concepts to successful business growth and exit

  • Present state of owner readiness data from EPI research

  • Touch on state of market and provide some recommendations for business owners


About the Author(s)

 Christopher  Snider, CEPA

Chris Snider, CEO of the Exit Planning Institute, is an award-winning author.

CEO, Exit Planning Institute
Exit Planning is Not What You Think - slides