Sales Tax questions (Taxability of an item)                                                                       717-787-3806
Sales Tax questions (On Sales Tax Accounts)                                                                 717-787-8326
Sales Tax Licensing                                                                                                       717-772-2340
1% Local Sales Tax (Phila. and Allegheny Counties)                                                         717-787-6229
Employer Withholding Tax (Questions)                                                                             717-783-1488
Employer Registration                                                                                                     717-772-2340
Employer Tax Accounts (Payments)                                                                                 717-787-1586
Corporation Taxes (Rates & Base Changes)                                                                      717-783-6035
Use Tax (Aircraft, Boats, Motor Vehicles, Misc.)                                                                 717-783-9735
Public Transportation Assistance Fund, Tax & Fees                                                           717-787-2104
Personal Income Tax                                                                                                       717-787-8210
Specific Legal Questions on Tax Changes                                                                         717-787-1382
Electronic Funds Transfer (All Business Tax Types)                                                           800-892-9816