Leveraging Video in Digital Marketing Execution

Is video part of your digital marketing strategy? Here’s some reasons why video should reign supreme: On average, people watch 16 hours of online video per week. And, perhaps most importantly, 84% say they have been convinced to buy a product after watching a company’s video.

SCORE Bucks County’s “Leveraging Video in Digital Marketing Execution” live webinar will provide all of the essentials to get started with your video marketing strategy.

Attendees will gain insight on:

  • What type of videos you should be offering
  • Basic video production
  • How to make videos work for your business

About the Author(s)

 Brandon  Olson

Brandon presently works at AWeber's directing its marketing communications strategy, including defining the direction of it’s PR and social media efforts.  He has extensive experience utilizing video to focus and enhance Digital Marketing efforts

Marketing Communications Manager, AWeber
Leveraging Video in Digital Marketing Execution webinar video