Powering Your Business: Manage Your Energy Usage & Save Money with Energy Efficiency

This webinar will provide small businesses with information on the tools, programs, and resources PECO has, to help them understand and efficiently manage their energy usage. 

Topics discussed:

  • Learn about the tools that allow you to see and manage your daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage.  
  • PECO Energy Efficiency assessments can identify ways your business can improve the efficiency in how it uses energy and save.
  • Learn about PECO Smart Energy programs including EV and Solar. 

About the Author(s)

 Rosaura  Hernandez-McCall

15 years experience in business and operations management; entrepreneurial experience; small business management; recruiting, training and coaching teams; growing and developing current and new business; analyzing business productivity and efficiency; strong relationship building and customer service skills; track record of business growth and P&L management.

Senior Account Representative for Small Business , PECO
Powering Your Business: Manage Your Energy Usage & Save Money - slides