The Process to Negotiate Buying a Business

So you're thinking of buying a business. Whether you purchase an existing business through networking sources or with the help of a business broker, you will need a detailed checklist that I will review to navigate the process for a successful business purchase.

In the webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • Be prepared financially in advance to handle the selling price
  • Review in detail the seller's financials with the help of your accountant
  • The due diligence list is a must to investigate all aspects of the seller
  • Get ready for the journey to become a business owner

About the Author(s)

 Steve  Wolfson

Steve created a new wholesale distribution division for an existing billion-dollar manufacturer by starting thirteen warehouse locations in the construction industry. Steve grew operations from $0 to $50 million in five years. Steve was responsible for all sales, marketing personnel, purchasing, training, warehousing, and new procedures as the General Manager.  

SCORE Certified Mentor, SCORE Bucks County
The Process to Negotiate Buying a Business - slides