Spending Plans: Your map to financial success

This session will focus on the need for a spending plan so you can achieve your financial goals. We discuss the differences between wants and needs; setting “SMART” goals; creating a spending plan; putting the plan into action; as well as periodically reviewing goals and spending plans to ensure that you can stay on track. Key points will focus on personal budgeting but are easily adapted to meet business budgeting goals.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the differences between needs and wants

  • Three budgeting strategies to choose from

  • The importance of finding what works for the circumstances and sticking to it

  • Annually reviewing your budget needs and adjusting accordingly

About the Author(s)

 Katrina  Boyer

Katrina Boyer is the Investor Education Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities. In this role, she educates thousands of investors, consumers, and community groups a year on how to be financially secure. Her presentations focus on saving and investing, as well as financial fraud prevention.

Investor Education Coordinator, Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities
Spending Plans: Your map to financial success - slides