What’s Your Digital Marketing Success Plan?

If you are committed to growing your organization but struggling to map out the process using digital marketing, there are steps you’ll want to take. Are you being found on the web? Do you know what type of digital content is useful and relevant to your audience? Just posting on social media won’t get you the results you want if you haven’t defined your strategy. How do you keep the conversation going when someone has shown an interest in you on the web, on social media or in person? Do you have a plan and consistent processes? Your random acts of marketing won't get you more clients, better leads, and more revenue.

Topics discussed:

  • Get Your Message Right.
  • Get crystal clear on what you need and what you don’t need to align with your perfect target audience.
  • Own Your Presence.
  • Get control and ownership of your platforms and avoid building your business on “rented” 3rd party platforms.
  • Build One Strategy.
  • Integrate everything into one cohesive strategy that is easier for you and your team to implement.

About the Author(s)

 Donna  Botti

Delos makes the web work for their small business and nonprofit customers by providing websites, digital marketing services, and training.

Owner, Delos Inc.
What’s Your Digital Marketing Success Plan? - slides