Is Your Great Idea Really a Great Business

In this webinar we take you through the process of determining if that great idea of yours can be made into a business, using a tool called the Business Model Canvas. Don’t develop a full business plan or borrow money from grandma to start your business until it has been through this process.

Attendees will gain insights into their business idea by:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of the value proposition of a product or service

  • Formulating a persona of an ideal target customer

  • Defining the cost structure and where partners can lower costs and accelerate growth

About the Author(s)

Don Goeltz

Corporate experience as senior executive, startup experience as an entrepreneur, consulting experience, international experience, currently a college professor BA, MS, MBA, PhD degrees. Teaching business strategy, entrepreneurship, and marketing courses

Is Your Great Idea Really a Great Business - slides