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Ellen Regenbogen

An avid runner, tennis enthusiast, and swimmer since her youth, Ellen Regenbogen transformed her passion for fitness into her livelihood in 2018 with the launch of Ellen Bari Fitness, an in-home and virtual personal training and nutrition counseling business.

Regenbogen, of Blue Bell, essentially operates a studio on the go with her fitness clients, including active “super seniors” in their 90s who work with her to improve balance and regain strength.

“I go to you,” she said. “I bring the equipment to you, or we can meet virtually via Zoom in the comfort of your own home.”

The concept was well-received among her clients, who are aged 50 and older. During the height of the pandemic, Ellen Bari switched to an all-virtual format so her clients could still take advantage of personal training and stay healthy.

“All of my super seniors are in-person fitness training sessions at their home or a gym in their community so I can work closely with them to make sure they are doing the exercise correctly and safely for proper form and balance,” said Regenbogen, who holds numerous certifications, including certified master trainer, corrective exercise specialist, group fitness specialist, nutrition specialist, senior fitness specialist, transformation specialist, and certified fitness instructor.

With the pandemic waning, Regenbogen sought to increase her in-person client base. In January, she began mentoring with Loni Lassoff of SCORE Bucks County. Together, Lassoff and Regenbogen collaborated to improve the marketing of Ellen Bari Fitness, including the creation of a company logo, an overhaul of the website, blogging, and updates to her business social media pages.

In less than three months, Regenbogen took on three new weekly clients.

“Ellen is passionate about helping others reach a higher level of health and wellness through fitness and nutrition,” Lassoff said. “Ellen has worked very hard to earn many different fitness and nutrition certifications that help to set her apart from the competition.”

While she collaborates exclusively with individuals currently, Regenbogen is seeking a venue to offer group fitness instruction. In addition to her six certifications, she is a Silver Sneakers flex instructor certified in fundamentals, chair yoga, nutrition with aging, and strength training with group fitness.

“I enjoy seeing people smiling. It makes me feel good,” Regenbogen said of the motivation for her business. “I am helping people feel better with their health and wellness and having a better lifestyle.”

She credits her SCORE mentor with giving her the courage to continue thriving.

“Loni Lassoff has been incredible and has helped me so much,” she said. “I can never repay her for her commitment to helping me succeed, pushing away my fear of failure, and instilling in me the confidence to succeed.”

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