When Carol Cheshire embarked on entrepreneurship 11 years ago, she needed help registering her business and establishing a tax identification number, as well as assistance in handling other “technical things.”

She called on certified SCORE Bucks County mentors to guide her through the steps leading up to the opening of her salon. Fast forward a decade and Carol, a seasoned business owner of Always Pretty Salon and Day Spa in the Lehigh Valley, was again in need of guidance. This time, Carol was seeking insight on boosting her marketing, improving SEO, and making her online presence, both on her Website and Facebook, look more professional.

Carol described her SCORE Bucks County mentors, Marty Schor and Gene Murtha, as her business “personal trainers” who have been by her side, every step of the way. With her mentors, Carol knows she is never alone.

“You just know they’re on your team, they’re on your side,” Carol said. “It’s not judgmental. It’s always supportive. You know whatever they say is not a put-down, it’s a help to you.”

Her SCORE mentors also suggested creating fliers and approaching businesses near her Coopersburg salon and day spa to see if business owners might be interested in cross-promoting each other’s offerings. Four nearby hotels were “overwhelmingly supportive” of sharing with their guests the spa services Carol provides at her business.

“I’d give them an over-the-moon rating if there was one. I’d give them a 10 star,” she said. “These men could be doing so many other things with their time, but they’re choosing to invest in the community and give back to those who are just starting out on the journey, or people like me, who need a boost. SCORE mentors do this for the satisfaction of helping somebody else.”

“I am amazed and grateful.”

Testimonial - Salon Owner Gives SCORE Mentors "10 Star" Rating

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