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Become a Small Business Advisor

Volunteering with SCORE is an excellent way to use your experience as a successful business manager to help the next generation of entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their personal goals..
Are you a working or retired business owner, professional, or corporate executive? 

Would you consider becoming a SCORE Small Business Mentor to help build a successful small business community in Bucks County by sharing your experience and expertise?

At SCORE Bucks County our members help small business start-up projects succeed. We advise business owners on a variety of subjects. We also offer workshops and seminars, moderate panel discussions and organize networking events throughout the County. To deliver this ambitious program and to help with our own office administration, we welcome new members with experience in the following areas:
  • Company start-up experience.
  • General Business Management.
  • Financial Management and Accounting Practices.
  • Insurance and Risk Management.
  • Restaurant & Hospitality Management
  • Retail and On-line Marketing & Sales.
  • Copywriting, PR & Advertising.
  • IT, Website Design and Social Media
  • Non-profit Management.
  • HR, Training and Business Education
Do you want to help build a strong, local, small business family by sharing your hard won experience?  Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to pay back those who helped you during your business career? Whatever your reasons, you can be sure that being an active member of SCORE Bucks County will be interesting, challenging and satisfying. 

Share your experience. Join today calling us at 215-943-8850 or by completing the application link below.